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Compass  Point

Heads or Tails    Lyrics

Three Time Loser  Lyrics

Gone (like)  Lyrics

Honey Don't   Lyrics

Lost   Lyrics

Merle and Me  Lyrics

Loving Her (will make you loose your mind)    Lyrics

The Fish Aren't Biting Today    Lyrics

X's and O's     Lyrics

Ten years of freedom are behind me now. I'm still searching for success. Still trying to make people see the music is not the man. Listen to what the man says instead of being put off by my lifestyle. The music's always been there. It will always be there. If you just listen. For as the profits pour forth their predictions so shall I pour forth my feelings. It's very important to me that you accept me on my own merits. And love me in spite of my faults. For only in this life shall you see the son. The father will never make himself visible. Is it that you find me a little too honest? In a world of fantasies and escapes how can I know you love the son if you don't tell the father? Write me when you can. I like hearing from you. My address is Box 610B , Rt # 1 , Big Pine Key, Florida 33043. Love David Allan Coe