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Human Emotions

Would You Lay with Me (in a field of stone) Lyrics  

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Human Emotions  Lyrics

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Suicide   Lyrics

Dedicated to my wife 1976 - 1978 Dear wife, You left me taking our daughter and my dog. You left behind a painting or two including the first painting you ever did. You also left about 30 letters that you had written over the years and never given to me. Unfortunately, I was unable to respond to those letters until now. I realize that the "I" in "me" can never satisfy the "we" in "you"; nor can the "us" in me ever understand the "me" in you. You will find me as hard to forget as I have you, because I am everywhere. If you turn on a radio, you might hear me singing; some day you'll pick up a magazine or newspaper and turn the page and see my face; or while watching TV I might be on your screen. Even in the movies they could flash my picture as starring in next week's attraction. No, my love, you will never forget me. And I shall never forget either. That's HUMAN EMOTIONS. Side one is songs that I wrote before you left me. Side two is songs I wrote after you left me. I decided to call side one "Happy Side" - because I was happy then. We had our new house, our daughter was in school, and you were "the happiest I've ever been in my life" - as you told my parents the day before you drew all the money out of the bank and left. "she don't mean to hurt me, she wants her freedom." Side two is called "Suicide". The first three songs I wrote before I knew who you were with and where you had gone. The last two songs I wrote when I got your "Notice of Divorce Proceedings" "married by the Bible she was only sixteen." There's an empty feeling in my chest as I write these words...I love you. How silly it seems to say that now. "if she's meant to hurt me, she's done it this time." Love, David PS: Give my love to our daughter