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Johnny Rebel 1
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Just to Prove My Love    Lyrics   

Face to Face    Lyrics   

You'll Always Live Inside Me     Lyrics   

Play me a Sad Song   Lyrics   

Daddy was a God Fearing' Man     Lyrics   

Canteen of Water   Lyrics   

Maria is a Mystery     Lyrics   

Just in Time to Watch Love Die     Lyrics   

San Francisco Mable Joy   Lyrics   

Hey Gypsy   Lyrics   

To all who hear me, let them know that this is truth. And to those that see me, let them tell their children they have witnessed a miracle. And those that love me, let them forgive my shortcomings. And to those that despise me, let them spend half the time in hell that I have. And to those who judge me, let them look in the mirror. And for those that want it, here is one more tattoo. Take it, it's yours. DAC