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D.A.C. Trivia

How many can you get correct?

  • What does David have in common with Charlie Manson?
    David states in his book that while in Chillicothie Reformatory that he met and played guitar with a then unfamous Charles Manson. David had been in National training school for boys in Washington DC and Manson had been there also. He was a very small boy but would fight if provoked. He once told David that he had been raped by some older boys.(David didn't believe him at the time but does now)David and Charles had so many similarities in there life (His mother had turned him in when he excaped once).

  • When and where was David born?
    David Allan Coe, Born September 6, 1939 in Akron, Ohio: Placed in detention home at the age of five for being incorrigible; Later at the age of seven to be placed in solitary confinement in the children's unit of the Summit County Detention home.

  • Name David's first 5 records?
    1969...Penitentiary Blues
    1970...Requiem for a Harlequin
    1973...The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy
    1974...Once upon a Rhyme
    1975...Longhaired Redneck

  • Name some David Allan Coe Books?
    Just for the Record...Autobiography of David Allan Coe
    The book of David...Mormon and D.A.C. related work of beliefs
    Ex-Convict...How to Pull Time and Parole
    David Allan Coe Songbook...Lyrics, Pictures and Bio
    Poems, Prose & Short Stories

  • Name some movies David Allan Coe was in?
    Buckstone County Prison (Played Rebstock, and wrote all the music)
    The Living Legend (Played David Allan Coe)
    Young Country (Played David Allan Coe)
    Atoka (Played David Allan Coe)
    Lady Grey, (Played Black Jack Donovan)
    Take This Job And Shove It (Played Mooney)
    Other videos with David Allan Coe:
    The Nashville Rebel
    The Magic of David Allan Coe
    Heartworn Highways
    The Mysterious RhineStone Cowboy
    David Allan Coe LIVE at Billy Bobs
    DAC and Al Goldsten The Underground interview (doing the XXX songs)

  • What does David have in common with Jimmy Hendrix?
    David states in his book Just for the record.-''I once had an all black band years ago. I had this guitar player who played left-handed upside-down right-handed guitar. His name was Jimmy Hendrix. He later became famous and died from a drug overdose. The last time I saw him was after Woodstock. He was on top of the world.

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